15 Must-have Polka Dot Pieces for Summer


Spring’s catwalk were awash with patterns for the coming Spring/Summer season and, polka dots were quite rightly, front and centre. They’re my favourite go-to pattern due to their simplicity, fun-factor and the general likability of everyone around me. I always get compliments on my outfit when I wear polka dots. Don’t you find? It’s like they put people in a good mood!

One of my most-loved Instagram posts is this one of me living my best life in Paris last year for my birthday. I hadn’t even realised at the time that I was putting my looks together that this shot so closely resembled the Carrie Bradshaw moment in Paris.

Polka dots are so distinctive and so many of you love them that I thought I’d find the best current season polka dot pieces for you, give you some tips on how to wear them for the office and let you guys do the shopping.


Polka Dots – Everyone’s Favourite Print

They’re so fun and most of all this is a print that is totally wearable to work.

Tips for wearing polka dots to the office:

Beware of the size of the polka dots; small dots work well if you’re wearing a dress, whereas large polka dots may be too much in a conservative environment. Take a look at this one from ASOS.

Polka dot blouses can work in most office environments if the blouse/shirt is a typical shape, although this one is fab too from Moschino.


I would suggest you exercise caution if you’re considering a head to two co-ord look for the office, you know if this is appropriate or not. At the moment, I think creative environments will welcome a polka dot co-ord and not many other workplaces unfortunately.


I would suggest wearing one piece to a more formal office, try this affordable blazer and these polka dot, peg leg trousers from Next.

Polka dot heels are also a good option for the office, but they are so rare that they’re not often seen. If you do find a good pair don’t let them get away! If you look after them you will wear them forever, they’re absolutely classic. I will keep my eyes peeled and update the post if I find any.

15 Must Have Polka Dot Pieces for Summer

I’ve rounded up 15 different polka dot pieces that you can add to your wardrobe this Spring, whilst not all of them are office appropriate, they will immediately give you a feel-good injection. I love them!

Click on any of the images below to shop.

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