My Morning Routine and Podcasts I Love Right Now


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Whilst I’m all for a lovely chilled out morning, waking with the sun, meditating and journalling, I have a 7-year old Poppy and her odd and ever-changing breakfasts requests, a husband that also gets up very early, hay-fever and no air-conditioning (it’s not typically a thing in the UK) means that mornings during Summer at the moment really aren’t as blissed out as I’d like them to be.

When we were all at home and the mornings were very much the same each day – I had a routine, have a look, here. At the moment, I spend my time getting Pops ready and doing breakfast, but I do really appreciate some routine.

Even if it’s just a shower, quick skincare routine, mine and Poppy’s honey and lemon and everything else is a bit ‘as-it-happens’, one or two things being consistent really does make a difference.

New Job, New Routine

Since I’ve started my new role, I like to prioritise a little walk in the mornings. When I walk, I like to listen to a podcast, which I will share below. You know I don’t like running, I have tried many times, but I really don’t enjoy it.

I saw someone tweet that they have lost all of their lockdown weight power walking on a treadmill and it did, momentarily remind me that walked everywhere after Poppy was born – for the headspace, fresh air, something to do and exercise and it was walking that helped with any excess weight I had – granted I had the weight of a growing baby in a sling which I was carrying plus, I was breastfeeding, but honestly, walking is so underrated as exercise!

In Summer, walking by yourself with your headphones in, listening to a podcast or occasionally walking with a friend if our schedules permit, I like to ‘walk like I’m late to something’ which is like a power walk.

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When I walk and use audio, whether that is a walking meeting, or listening to a podcast I wear EPOS ADAPT 660 – these are the perfect over-ear headphones from EPOS (formerly known as Sennheiser). They are super comfortable, have subtle noise cancellation and multi-device connectivity (I can switch from my phone to my laptop, seamlessly) these are my headphones of choice.

Some podcasts that I have on rotation at the moment:


This one is one of my favourites. Whilst this is the podcast under the name of Gwyneth’s brand ‘Goop’ it’s presented by someone on the team, Gwyn features occasionally, but it’s not her front and centre each week. The show host, covers lots of topics with an array of people, from plant medicine to a very popular episode ‘What Makes a Good Marriage’, whether you’re a GP fan or not, I’m sure you’ll find something you enjoy on this podcast.

The Intelligence by the Economist

Described by The Economist as, “A daily burst of global illumination from The Economist’s worldwide network of correspondents as they dig past the headlines to get to the stories beneath—and to stories that aren’t making headlines, but should be.” Having worked at The Economist for a short while, I am a fan of centrist news reporting and the Economist is that in my opinion. Also, I love that the issues are covered in 22 minute episodes.

Mixed Up Podcast

The hosts of the Mixed-Up Podcast, Nicole Ocran and Emma Slade Edmondson told Marie-Claire earlier this year “We sensed those of Mixed-Race heritage were looking for an open dialogue, and a safe space to discuss their heritage, their multi-dimensional families and their lived experiences without judgment. This was the landscape within which we launched our podcast ‘Mixed Up’ – discussions on race and identity through the lens of the Mixed-Race Experience.”

I’m here for the content. A great listen for those who are mixed-race and parents of mixed-race children.

The Black Plant Chick Pod

For all the new plant parents out there, this podcast is here to help you nature your little plant babies. On her pod, Jade offers tips on plant therapy, removing pests, repotting and the benefits of plants at home and what should go where. Her voice is also so soothing.

Under The Influence with Jo Piazza

The weekly podcast from the journalist discusses the commodification of motherhood while also showing how all of this is driving mothers insane. Basically Jo pokes fun at the “mummy” social media influencer industry whilst it all quite light-hearted – I can laugh at myself but also lots of food for thought.


Twice a week, Kara Swisher and NYU Professor Scott Galloway offer sharp, unfiltered insights into the biggest stories in tech, business, and politics. This podcast was recommended by a friend and keeps you up to date with what’s going on in the world from a tech and business angle. It’s a great listen.

This are my podcasts for 2021 – are there any other’s that you love that you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments.