The Best French Slogan Tops Out Right Now

French Slogan Tops

French slogan tops are super popular. Before my most recent birthday jaunt to Paris, I went on the hunt for some of the best ones on the internet, I thought it would be a great way to channel my inner French-girl chic.

I’m a self-confessed Francophile. I love French culture and French food. Last year we visited Bordeaux for the first time (highly recommended) and this year I planned to meet my friends in Paris again. You just can’t get enough of Paris.

French slogan tops are a great way to Frenchify your wardrobe, without buying a plane ticket. I’ve always been a fan of French slogan tops, there are some brands that bring them out every season. I love buying them, figuring out what they say and wearing them according to my mood.


The Best French Slogan Tops on the Internet

French Slogan Top

New Look Cream J’Adore Print Rolled Sleeve T-Shirt £7.99

No translation required. A Perfect one for Valentine’s Day.


Whistles Red C’est La Vie Sweatshirt, £79.00

That’s life. On a Jumper.


River Island Black Comme Ci Glitter T-Shirt, £17.99

The oh so French answer to “How are you?” – “So so”.


Chinti & Parker (at Net-a-Porter) Bonjour Bonsoir Intarsia Cashmere Sweater, £275

Bonjour on the front, Bonsoir on the back. Genius.


Whistles Red “Parisien” Sweatshirt, £79.00

Really blend in with the locals.


French Slogan Tops

New Look, Green Jolie Print T-Shirt, £7.99

Meaning “pretty” or “pretty one”. Just make sure you pronounce it properly.


French Slogan Tops

New Look, Red La Femme Slogan Jumper, £19.99

Surely there’s no need to translate this one.

French Slogan Tops

H&M Light Grey Marl Bisous T-shirt, £8.99

Pucker up. Bisous simply means, “kisses”.


French Slogan Top

New Look Grey Je Ne Sais Quoi Embroidered T-Shirt, £9.99

A certain quality that cannot be named or described easily. So French.


Sezanne Demain T-Shirt, £45

Available to buy on 5th February, order here.

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French Slogan Tops