How to Wear a Double Breasted Blazer to Work

How to Wear a Double Breasted Blazer to Work

How to wear a double breasted blazer

Ah the double breasted blazer…this is actually my favourite kind of blazer to wear to the office or the occasional meetings. You feel instantly smart and put together and its an altogether more interesting look than its single-breasted cousin. Whilst they’re really on trend at the moment, they will also stand the test of time in your working wardrobe, so they’re a really good investment.

Double Breasted Blazers Work for Any Season

Double-breasted blazers work in any season and as I mentioned their popularity has been on the rise recently – the Balmain blazer can be seen on everyone from celebs to bloggers.

I’m yet to see the Balmain Blazer in the boardroom as I think it’s a little ostentatious for everyday business wear, but a double-breasted blazer is smart look that definitely translates to a smart off-duty look as seen on these guys:


Double-breasted blazers for any season

Double-breasted blazers are, in my opinion, the easiest kind of suiting to wear. They look instantly smart and look super stylish. Here are 3 different ways to wear this look to work:

As a suit with trousers

To keep your double-breasted blazer on the smart end of the spectrum, wear it with matching trousers, as part of a suit with heels and a shirt (ignore the fact that these models are sans shirt!):



With Jeans:

Somewhere in the middle but still a smart look, is a double breasted blazer with jeans a heels:

How to Wear a Double Breasted Blazer to Work


With trainers:

A super casual way to wear a double-breasted blazer is with a t-shirt and fresh white trainers, which is how lots of celebs like to wear the Balmain blazer. If you intend to wear this to work, be sure that the environment you’re in is suitable for such a casual look.

Dress down Friday doesn’t automatically mean that you can wear trainers or sneakers, so unless you’re in the creative industry or a really laid back environment (like IT, possibly), be sure that this look is appropriate. 

If you’re wearing this look on the weekend then fresh white trainers it is!


Double Breasted Blazers are Perfect in Summer

The rules about when to button a double breasted blazer are less strict than a single breasted blazer. So they’re perfect to wear in Summer because they can be worn unbuttoned without breaking any major fashion rules or suiting etiquette.

I love these double breasted blazers for warmer months as they come in lighter colours and lighter fabrics and have a less structured fit:

Cream Double Breasted Blazer

Next £75.00


Double-Breasted Blazer in Italian Cotton

J.Crew, £152.00

(reduced from £218.00)


Seersucker Double Breasted Blazer

Jour/Ne, £152.00

(Reduced from £380.00)

Double Breasted Blazer When it Gets Chilly

I particularly love wearing double breasted blazer when it’s chilly because you can wrap the blazer around you and do up the buttons to keep you a bit warmer. They’re usually made of heavier fabrics and here are a pick of some favs:


Cameo Double Breasted Blazer

Reiss, £95.00

(Reduced from £295)


Tiorna Double Breasted Blazer

Ted Baker, £114.00


Double Breasted Wool Twill Blazer

Balmain £1355.00

Do you like double breasted blazers or do you think that they’re the reserve of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho? Let me know what you think!


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