7 Things to AVOID Buying on Black Friday


I have been shopping Black Friday since before it arrived in the UK back in 2009 and has been going since the 1940s in the US. Amazon introduced us to Black Friday deals back in 2010 and since then the UK market has been gathering momentum offering us deals on so many things that it’s hard to resist.


I have been shopping Black Friday since one of my best friends, who runs The Candy Company, told me that she was flying to New York for the weekend to shop Black Friday sales. I soon copied her by flying the following year myself and the rest is history.


However, in an age where consumerism is considered to be getting somewhat out of hand (have you watched the Stacey Dooley documentary?!) and the more responsible among us is society making a real push for sustainability in both fashion and retail and food industries, I have compiled a list of things that you should AVOID buying on Black Friday, so that:

  1. You hopefully make more responsible buying decisions.

  2. You don’t get sucked in to the hype of Black Friday and just panic buy things because they are on sale.

  3. You know the best times that you should buy the things you want so that you get the best deal.


7 Things to Avoid Buying on Black Friday:


avoid-buying-bloack-friday-sales-corporate-style-story1. Furniture

New style furniture is typically released in January and February as people redo their homes in the New Year with renewed enthusiasm (we all have bucketloads of enthusiasm in January, right?!). So it’s advisable to wait until then. Typically in the UK, Boxing Day sales were the time to buy furniture as furniture shops were the only stores open (remember that?!) However, you will still be buying old stock even if you buy on Boxing Day.

If you want to shop new trends and new pieces and hopefully keep that furniture for longer, then you’re advised to wait until January and February when new style are released and you can be one of the first with it for a great price.

Suggested buys on Black Friday with great deals, home furnishings:



2. Fitness Equipment

I mean. Fitness Equipment on Black Friday. Whilst of course there are more enticing things to spend your money on during Black Friday, I can totally see the appeal. Not wanting to subscribe to the cliche that is ‘getting fit in January’, you may be encouraged to get a head start or even buy something as a gift for Christmas, but again, January is the time to buy fitness equipment for obvious reasons. Sales of workout gear and fitness equipment and fitness DVDs increases exponentially, you’ll only need to look out for advertising and online content immediately after Christmas to get the idea.

The best deals are to be had in January for fitness equipment, unless of course you’re buying it as a Christmas gift for the health conscious person in your life!


3. Christmas Decorations

This goes without saying. I know plenty of people who buy Christmas decorations after Christmas because they go on massive sale. It’s the best time to buy decorations of course. So it’s best to wait until then. However, if you need Christmas decorations then you can find some good deals on Black Friday, the deals just won’t be as good as after Christmas.


4. Children’s Toys

Yes you will get good deals, but the best time to wait for children’s toys is the first couple of weeks in December. Also remember that toy retailers deliberately do not release enough stock of popular toys in the run up to Christmas so that they create a shortage and delay some of their sales for January. So if you’re after a cult-toy this Christmas then go for it on Black Friday.

If you’d rather not have a disappointed child instead of saving money, then throw caution to the wind and just buy it now. But if you’re after the best deal, do wait if you can. Also children will get so many things, that you can include a note from Santa to say that the toy its on its way and get it in January. 


5. Winter Clothes

Some people probably can’t believe I’m saying this as a fashion blogger, but I would suggest you avoid buying Winter clothes on Black Friday. Yes, there are great deals to be had on clothes, and if you are going to shop the Black Friday sales I’d suggest that you buy Christmas outfits and sparkly party outfits and things you’ve wanted for a while that are on sale on Black Friday.

If you’re just looking for something that takes your eye, then you’re advised to wait until January when the real sales start on clothes. Retailers will get their new clothing collections in in February (yes, Spring/Summer ’19 will start in February. Ugh!) so they will be getting rid of everything Autumn/Winter in January. So wait if you can. But get good deals on party dresses and investment pieces for your wardrobe on Black Friday.


6. Jewellery

The jury is out on this one. The reason why experts advise avoiding Jewellery on Black Friday is that typically deals on jewellery deals have usually be reserved for Valentines Day (of course) and Mothers Day (yessssssssss!). However, more and more jewellery brands are giving us Black Friday discounts, so I don’t think you necessarily need to avoid spending on jewellery on Black Friday if there isn’t a more appropriate gift for someone, or yourself of course!




7. Beauty

The best deals to be had on beauty is on gift boxes. Hands down. Usually Black Friday deals exclude gift sets. That being said if you can find Black Friday deals that allow you to spend on beauty then you’re good to spend. Another great deal is if you can find a ‘gift card with purchase’ deal which means you can buy gifts on Black Friday and treat yourself in the January Sales. Stick to gift sets and you’re golden.




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