7 Apps I Can’t Live Without

7 Apps I Can’t Live Without


7 Apps I can’t Live Without 


I’ll admit, I’m that person that often offers up weird and wonderful software and apps to colleagues and friends that I’ve heard of if they’re asking. As far as I’m concerned, more often than not there will be technology that can help us manage day-to-day life better if we just know what’s out there and try it.


As I work in the technology industry, I do enjoy checking out new things to see how I can improve what I’m doing, be more organised or be more creative, so here is a list of the apps I can’t live without and those which I use on pretty much a daily basis. Some you’ll have heard of an others you may not have. 


P.S. I haven’t included social media apps, because that’s just a given!


Must-Use Apps I Can’t Live Without


As the saying goes, “an elephant never forgets” and Evernote is top of the list of apps that I can’t live without. Think of it as your external brain. I’m a huge list-making fan so I really like how customisable the list-making  functionality it is. Although it’s not solely a list making app.

You can copy and paste bits of websites, photos, squiggle in a list or project – anything you want. I have the app on my phone, I use the web version and its shortcut on my bookmark bar and they are all synced. I use Evernote throughout the day, its the default app I use to take notes on anything. My external brain indeed.

Alternatives if you’re not an Evernote fan: Trello



I started binge-listening to audio content about 4 or 5 years ago now, which corresponds with when Poppy was born unsurprisingly. Like most mothers, having a baby means that you don’t have any spare hands available to hold a book and hold t hold your baby, plus as a ew mum who has the time to sit down and read?! That didn’t mean that I stopped reading, I have been a keen reader my entire life and I usually read about 20 books a year and the majority of them are non-fiction – you can have a look here: Books I Love

Audible is the best way of consuming books that otherwise you wouldn’t have time to listen to. I listen whilst travelling, driving, cooking dinner, tidying up and when exercising. It works with Alexa so you can play through the Alexa devices too – which is GREAT – “Alexa, play my book on Audible”, love it.

It’s a brilliant way to use otherwise ‘dead’ time and everyone from Tim Ferris to Holly Willoughby use Audible. If you’ve haven’t tried it yet, you can choose a book of your choice for free, below. 




Who really likes having a purse full of receipts?? I for sure do not. It doesn’t help that I can’t ever find the receipt I need because there are usually so many to keep track of, if you don’t have a system you’re bound to lose them if they’re rolling around in your bag.

Expensify means that I can take a photo of the receipt and store it in the app so that I can attach it to an email and send it to whomever needs a copy of it – the finance department, my accountant, HMRC, whomever. You can also create reports and the app also has other expense management tools. The basic plan is free and brilliant and I’m happy that my documents are all stored in it safely, but I download the PDF each month with the information and send it to my accountant. Its clearly another app I can’t live without.


Spritzlet is a speed reading app that helps you to ‘spritz’ the internet. This is now how I read blog posts – it really will change how you consume information online, especially is you read a lot of blogs.

Download Spritzlet to your bookmarks bar and when you go to an article or a piece of content you want to read, click the Spritzlet app. The Spritz widget will pop up with the full text and you can read it however fast you choose, between 250 – 1000wpm. The red letter is intended to help your brain to actually ‘comprehend’ what its reading instead of just consuming individual words. I’m not sure of the science, but it works.


Apps.I Can't Live Without Spritzlet




Time recording. Possibly the bane of most lawyers’ lives or anyone else that works on a time-basis for that matter. I haven’t had to record my time for a long time, and in all honesty recording time was one of the many reasons I moved away from private practice so early on in my career. However, as a freelancer I think its good-practice to understand where the bulk of my time is spent and for my clients’ peace of mind.

An unexpected benefit of using Toggl is that, funnily enough makes me more productive. Toggl has free and paid-for options and it’s  definitely one of the apps I can’t live without.



Now when I tell you that an app has got me out of more situations than I care to remember, it’s this app. I hate traffic, can’t stand traffic and would rather drive around the ‘back-doubles’ than sit in traffic.

This app tracks other drivers journeys and presents to you a journey planner that takes into consideration what is happening on the road including how fast their travelling etc. User can also report what is happier on the roads, such as car accidents, road works, it’s the Facebook of sat-nav! Super easy to use too.



Love it or hate it and last but by no means least, Uber. Uber is available across Europe and of course the US, it has got me to the airport on time when other transfers have let me down, Uber has got me across the City when there are no black cabs to be found and has got me home after a rather late night out on the town with friends safely. It even got Poppy and I to school on time when the car had a flat tyre. Poppy now considers Uber a normal method of transport – “I think that’s our Uber Mama”, *points to random Prius in the road*.

Knowing how much your journey is going to cost you before you get in it is a bonus, as is sharing your ETA and location with someone you know if you’re travelling on your own – although I’m not talking about shared journeys, I haven’t used that feature and I’m not sure if I would. Find out how to share your location in an Uber here.

I love Uber, it’s definitely an app I can’t live without. Even if you prefer getting a black cab, public transport , for contingency purposes Uber is a must-have. It also helps that I can use it in most countries when I travel too, oh and lots of Uber drivers use Waze – win:win.





Cyran is the founder and editor-in-chief of Corporate Style Story. She loves good pyjamas, good food and good company.